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We understand that entering the entrepreneurial world can be tough, especially without a network or prior experience.

That's why our mission is to support students with an entrepreneurial drive.

Our international community provides a compassionate and exciting environment for personal and professional development through events, networking, workshops, and discussions on business ideas and tech challenges.

Join us to fuel your entrepreneurial journey!


START Lisbon is a chapter of START Global

Europe’s leading student-run initiative for entrepreneurship

“Our Mission is to be the voice of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs”

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By joining START, you are joining one of the most widespread and influential networks in all of Europe. The START Network was born over two decades ago in St. Gallen – now it counts eleven chapters (St. Gallen, Lausanne, Liechtenstein, Berlin, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Barcelona, Lisbon, Hamburg, Maastricht, Helsinki & Munich) in seven different countries (Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Finland).

Among START alumni and active members are inspiring startup founders and investors – Y Combinator teams, several tech unicorns and leading European VC funds. Once a year the entire START community meets at the START SUMMIT, the world’s largest student-run conference – with partners like Google, Microsoft, Forbes and B2Ventures.


Our network consists of students from the top tier universities in Portugal

We are a group of international students connecting Lisbon's key universities such as NOVA SBE, Católica and Técnico. START Lisbon organises regular flagship events with leading Portuguese startups and VCs while fostering European-wide ecosystem networking.

The Lisbon startup ecosystem is growing fast and so are we:
For the following semester, we are looking for motivated students with entrepreneurial experience and interest.


We are based on three pillars to support our participating members in our initiative and grow our network


With our Road to START Summit, we preselect promising Start-ups from Lisbon and Portugal to compete in a pitch competition. The winners will be invited to pitch in St. Gallen at START Summit 2024 and compete for funding possibilities.


Our initiative is about transferring knowledge and develop the talent of tomorrow. We believe that this is best done “in the field”. Hence, we organize a STARTup tour where students get to visit start-ups and VCs in their office, network and gain access to potential careers/ resources.


With our START platform, we aim to connect the Start-up and innovation ecosystem in Lisbon. We want to give room to start conversation, get access to resources and connect talent. We are starting with a first pilot this semester and plan to develop this in the time to come.


Startup Tour in Lisbon

Welcome to the Lisbon Startup Tour – an exclusive opportunity for selected students from Lisbon to embark on a day of immersion into the dynamic world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Join us for a unique journey where you’ll step inside the offices of leading startups and venture capital firms, gaining firsthand insights into their groundbreaking work and disruptive ideas.

Connect with like-minded peers, share your own thoughts, and establish valuable networks that could shape your future. Beyond inspiration, this tour opens doors to potential job opportunities, allowing you to explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the startup ecosystem.

Don’t miss this chance to accelerate your career and broaden your horizons in just one unforgettable day!

Apply now to be a part of this transformative experience.


Calling all students and startups! Prepare for the ultimate entrepreneurial event: Start Lisbon’s Road to START Summit. Join us for an incredible opportunity to connect with industry experts, investors, and peers, while delving into the latest trends and best practices in the startup world. Our event is a hub for growth, networking, and insights, empowering entrepreneurs and startups to reach new heights, and granting students a firsthand peek into the startup realm.

Central to the event is a pitch competition, where startups showcase their ideas to a panel of seasoned judges, hailing from education, entrepreneurship, and venture funding backgrounds. The winning startup snags an exclusive invitation to the prestigious START Summit in St. Gallen, Switzerland. There, they’ll compete for the CHF 10,000 grand prize against other START chapters’ champions.

Moreover, the event serves as a platform to expand your network, engage with fellow participants, and glean insights from a captivating keynote speaker. Plus, uncover the realm of student entrepreneurship in Lisbon and beyond.


Once a startie, always a startie 🚀

Join a network of thousands of start alumni working in the entrepreneurial space (start-ups, accelerators, VCs, etc.)

What you can expect:

  • A community of ambitious and smart members
  • Direct encounters into the most successful startups and venture capital firms in Lisbon
  • Contacts to investors, mentors, startups, speakers and industry experts
  • Access to our international START Network with partner chapters such as START St. Gallen, START Barcelona or START Berlin
  • An extensive network of partners and alumni to provide you with the right contact for any entrepreunial topic

Admission criteria:

  • You are currently enrolled in a university in Lisbon
  • You have a passion for entrepreneurship and technology
  • You commit to being an active member of one of our departments for at least one semester (preferrable two semesters)


Does all of this interest you? Do you think you can commit to being an active member of our community? If the answer is “yes”, then click on the button APPLY NOW to be part of our new winter semester batch. Submit your application until the 08th of September!


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting on board with START Lisbon is a breeze. Our recruitment process is a two-step journey. Step one involves a written application phase, where candidates complete a set of questions via a provided Google form. After the initial screening, shortlisted candidates proceed to a virtual interview with existing START members. Finally, successful candidates from the interviews get the golden ticket to join our dynamic community. Your applications are eagerly awaited!

Indeed, the strength of START Lisbon lies in active participation. We thrive as a community when every member contributes. It's a collective win-win situation where each individual's engagement adds value. While exceptions exist, such as if you're in the midst of launching your own startup, active involvement is encouraged.

At START Lisbon, we operate through various dynamic departments that cater to the diverse interests of STARTies:

Partnerships Department:
Secure both financial and non-monetary support from external partners to fuel our initiatives.

Events Department:
Collaborate with key players in the startup ecosystem to orchestrate engaging events that foster networking and knowledge exchange.

People Department:
Coordinate internal events within the START Community, manage recruitment and onboarding processes, ensuring an ambitious and connected community.

Operations & Growth Department:
Streamline legal, financial, and administrative operations, ensuring seamless functioning for all our ventures.

Marketing Department:
Cultivate a robust brand identity by curating compelling content and showcasing the essence of START Lisbon.

Any field of study from a Lisbon university is the perfect fit for joining START Lisbon! We celebrate diversity and welcome students from all disciplines.

Flexibility is key. We value meaningful contributions over fixed time commitments. Our strength as a community thrives on the dedication of our members. Generally, the more involved you become, the greater the rewards within the community!

Professional quality delivered!

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Clients' Testimonials

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Kimberly Garcia Chief Technology Officer, Google

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Kimberly Garcia Chief Technology Officer, Google